Gran Tierra’s CSR program in Brazil is focuses on maintaining good relations with local communities, and on assuring that landholders potentially affected by the company’s activities are engaged and compensated fairly for any impacts.  

The Prosa Da Minha Terra Project

One way we are demonstrating our commitment to socio-economic development in Brazil is through our support for the “Prosa Da Mihna Terra” Project.  Meaning “Prose of my Land”, the project supports local culture, literacy, self-esteem, and creativity in the municipality of Pojuca, Bahia.  Due to positive indicators and feedback from the municipal department of education, what started as a pilot project in 2013 at the Herádio Barroso School, has been expanded to include 250 children.  

The project involves the creation of individual books by local school children. Each child is the author of their own book, and is guided by teachers to produce short texts and drawings.  The Project is conducted in the classroom with a language teacher and divided into four stages; first the child writes their story individually; then they are assisted to give the book colors and illustrate graphics; then 3 copies of each book are printed by the publisher Estante Mágica Editor; and finally there is a book-signing.

Writing their own stories not only helps open up the world of reading and writing by providing a very rewarding experience, but helps raise the self-esteem of each participating child.  

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