Gran Tierra CSR program in Colombia seeks to support regional social and economic development through sustainable social projects and optimizing internal social management processes and capacity.

GTEC Social Management System

Gran Tierra Colombia’s social management system is composed of 8 programs:

  1. Social projects viability program (under development)        
  2. Ethnic communities’ engagement program     
  3. Land acquisition and resettlement program (under development)
  4. Information and communication program (under development)
  5. Local content program
  6. Social investment program (under development)
  7. Community Grievances Mechanism
  8. External stakeholder relations program

CSR projects

Gran Tierra supports social projects in dozens of communities in the vicinity of its projects; a few examples of these are as follows:

Support for Cattle Ranchers and Cacao Producers

In partnership with the Government of Canada and SOCODEVI, Gran Tierra is supporting the competitiveness of the Cattle Ranchers association of Villagarzon, Putumayo and the Caocao growers of the Piedemonte Amazonico (Amazon foothills) benefitting 422 producers and their families in the region.  The project provides support all throughout the value chain, from strengthening the capacity of the associations, to technical support for improved production, to market access. 

Access to Superior Education and Skills Training

Gran Tierra helps young men and women with leadership potential and good academic standing access superior education, and technology and skills training through scholarships that currently benefit 124 students from local communities.

Ancestral Centers for Indigenous Communities

Gran Tierra has built four ancestral cultural centers to promote community meetings and cultural activities in order to strengthen the traditions of the indigenous and afro communities of Orconepul, Alto Orito, Afro Council of Puerto Limon, and Martin Luther King.