In 2016 Gran Tierra finalized a company-wide Environmental Management Plan (EMP) that addresses how it handles environmental issues arising from its exploration and development projects and other operations. The Plan is based on the environmental performance standards of the World Bank’s International Finance Corporation and reflects best industry practices. It will be amended and updated periodically. In any instances where local laws or regulations differ from the standards contained in the GTE EMP, the company will adhere to the more stringent requirement. The EMP addresses issues like:

  • Defining a code of conduct for all workers
  • Conserving biodiversity
  • Minimizing construction impacts, flaring and water use
  • Controlling erosion
  • Optimizing road and pipeline routing and construction
  • Managing solid and liquid waste including hazardous substances
  • Protecting and preserving cultural and archaeological resources

GTE began the rollout of the corporate EMP with internal meetings and training on incorporating it into existing operations. Two sessions were held in Bogota and Putumayo with an introductory meeting in the Acordionero field shortly after it was acquired by GTE.