Gran Tierra’s CSR program in Peru is focused on promoting meaningful community participation in project developments and sound environmental stewardship.  To achieve this GTE Peru has developed a number of programs; a few examples of these are listed as follows.

CSR Programs in Peru

Community Social and Environmental Monitoring Program (PROMOSAC)

When Gran Tierra actively conducts exploration in Peru, it supports the training and activities of community representatives to monitor its social and environmental performance through the PROMOSAC (Community Social and Environmental Monitoring) Program.  The company activated PROMOSAC programs to give indigenous and local communities a first-hand say in assuring the company achieved high sustainability performance standards at its exploratory drilling and seismic programs in blocks 95 and 107 respectively.  At the height of exploration activities at our block 95 Bretaña project, 41 community monitors contributed to preventing accidents, ensuring robust waste and environmental management, and the adherence of company employees and contractors to the Gran Tierra Workers Code of Conduct.  

Access to Education

Gran Tierra Peru scholarship program supports 15 students from remote communities in the Parrish of Bretaña access post-secondary education at technical institutes in Iquitos and the University of Trujillo. 

In partnership with the Loretana Environmental Network, the company also supports 4 indigenous students from the Rio Tigre district pursue studies at post-secondary institutions in the city of Iquitos. 

Additionally Gran Tierra supports a student residence in Iquitos with food, clothing and medicine, so that 30 indigenous students can partake in university studies far from their home communities. 

Support for Schools

Gran Tierra provided over 8,500 school kits to communities in the vicinity of our projects in blocks 95, 107, and 133 in partnership with local authorities and indigenous federations in these districts.  In addition library modules were provided with more than 200 educational materials for primary and secondary level instruction. 

Support for Local Health

In partnership with the various Regional Health Agencies in GTE’s project areas in blocks 95 and 107, we directly supported health campaigns.  Our support took the shape of medical training to local health staff, supplying local clinics with medicine and equipment, and supporting visiting doctors who attended to over 1,800 local people. 

Support for Biodiversity

Gran Tierra supported the implementation of an Information Management System for the Pacaya Samiria Reserve – the second largest in Peru, and largest protected area in the Peruvian Amazon.  The system allows numerous users to access information on resource management, control and monitoring (e.g. against illegal logging and poaching), tourism, etc. 

We supported the construction and outfitting of a Visitors Interpretation Centre in the Pacaya Samiria to support sustainable tourism in the reserve and small tour operators.  The company also contributed to strengthening the activities of the reserve’s management committee, made up of representatives from communities bordering or within the reserve.  This support took the shape of logistical support for their planning meetings, technical training sessions, and site tours of best practices in other protected areas.