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  2020 Camina Award
Gran Tierra Energy, the Colombian Campaign Against Mines, the Belgian and Canadian Embassies and Reconciliation Colombia recognized the Association of Antipersonnel Mine Survivors Fighting for Dignity and Peace (ASODIGPAZ) with the 2020 Camina Award for the organization’s work on
mine risk education, and psychosocial and legal support of survivors.
 Demining Southern Putumayo
One of the most significant Human Rights threats throughout Colombia is the prevalence of anti-personnel mines and other explosive devices that are an unfortunate legacy of the decades-long conflict in the country.
To address this risk in southern Putumayo where the company undertakes exploration and development activities, GTE launched
a Humanitarian Demining Pilot Project
in 2019. The project is conducted under
the standards of the Ottawa Convention
on the Prohibition of Anti-personnel Mines and is being implemented by the Colombian Campaign Against Mines (ContraMinas), an accredited international organization assigned by Colombia’s
High Commissioner for Peace.
Significant progress was made in
2020, with 7,752 additional hectares
of land investigated and declared free of contamination. To date, 285 anti- personnel mines, improvised explosive devices and unexploded munitions have been discovered and cleared.
Thousands of men and women from the area have been hired to support this wide- ranging effort which includes remediating crude spills, also resulting from the conflict. The work is carried out in coordination with local authorities and community leaders. Nearly 3,000 residents of nearby towns
have also attended mine risk education workshops provided through this project.
GTE’s goal is to certify Puerto Asís free of mines, removing a major legacy threat to public safety in the area.

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