Page 43 - 2020 Sustainability Report - Gran Tierra Energy
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 Governance Highlights
   Anonymous whistleblower reporting program
Certification of code of conduct by 100% of employees
Promoting diversity: Out of 322 employees, 38% are women vs. the industry average of 22%
Human Rights awareness and training for employees
Engaged Board of Directors
with majority voting standard
Commitment to ethical conduct and compliance
Formal nominating committee to review and recommend director nominees
Annual “Say on Pay” voting
                  Board of Directors
Independent chair
female representation
87.5% independent members
21 The Board met formally 21 times in 2020
     The HSe Board Committee
The Health, Safety and Environment Committee assists the Board in overseeing the development, monitoring and effective implementation of systems, programs and initiatives to promote the management of health, safety and security at Gran Tierra and to address environmental, safety and operational risks.
Annually discloses payments to governments (ESTMA)
   Compensation aligned with shareholder’s interests
83.5% voted in favour of ‘Say on Pay’ at the company’s 2020 annual meeting

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