Safety Programs

Gran Tierra has a simple objective with regard to safety: ensure that no one gets hurt as a consequence of our operations. To achieve that goal the company will systematically assess risks and take actions to eliminate or reduce areas of safety concern, including:

  • Implementing proven safety management systems, procedures and tools with a goal of driving accident and incident rates to zero.
  • Working closely with contractors on our sites and insist that they also implement effective safety management processes.
  • Setting annual goals for safety performance and we will be held accountable for our performance to Gran Tierra’s senior management and to the Board of Directors.

GTE’s safety programs and practices include:

  • Implementing emergency management software for newly acquired facilities.
  • Psychosocial risk preventive activities such as reducing workplace stress and maintaining a supportive workplace environment.
  • Using a risk-based approach to direct resources to address risks where they are the greatest. The approach includes dozens of targeted audits and inspections, “Job Safety Analysis Meeting Reviews” with contractors and safety walk-arounds to different work sites.

Emergency Response Training

In adherence to GTE’s Emergency Response plan, the company carries out periodic emergency response training exercises. In 2016 the company conducted 87 tabletop or in-person emergency simulations which assessed the company’s preparedness to deal with various emergency scenarios. Similar training activities were also conducted throughout 2017.

Management System

In response to the company goal to improve the way its Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) policies are implemented in the field, Gran Tierra began making changes in its HSE management system (HSEMS) in 2016. The new system strengthens the company’s HSEMS organizational structure, clarifies responsibilities, practices, procedures, processes and resources and improves the ability of corporate and HSE management teams to monitor performance and track policy compliance on a timely basis. This involves important corporate social responsibility issues, such as stakeholder engagement, local employment, land access, environmental monitoring and compliance, local business development, and stakeholder relationships.

As a result of Gran Tierra’s efforts to strengthen its safety systems and programs, the company’s 2016 safety record showed a significant improvement over 2015. A decline of more than 50% in the rate of recordable injuries was particularly notable.