I would like to thank GTE for the work it has done here. It has been heartening to see that there is an operator that is willing to work with us, and we now have access to clean water.

JON JAIRO ROCHA, President of La Cabana JAC and Board Member, Ecotransvias

The most important aspect of our relationship with the company is respect. We are grateful for having here such responsible and respectful members of Gran Tierra’s social team that we can work with and who are supporting the community. Gran Tierra is the only large company in this area, and it provides jobs, additional income and training for our communities. The workshop provided information on what to do in case of threats or emergency.”


Thanks to the training and support materials, we can now grow new colonies without cutting down trees in the forest. It’s a different strategy that they gave us to use the forest sustainably; you can manage them without causing harm to the forest. In fact, we’ve planted 1,200 trees to provide food for our bees in the future.

VANESA PERDOMO, Beneficiary of Beekeeper Program,
Vereda Rumiyaco

The support provided by Gran Tierra and the Chamber of Commerce was so important in strengthening my business and changing my life significantly.

LIGIA ROSA GUERRERA, Founder, Krisly Arepas

The Chawara Project is an example of an oil company trying to have a real conversation with the environmental sector and big picture thinking about transitioning towards sustainability.

Scientific Services and Special Projects, Humboldt Institute

This community was hard hit by the violence plaguing the country for a long time, but people now realize that this mindset needs to change. The oil sector has offered us many opportunities and combined with the distribution of oil royalties from the government we’ve had a lot of infrastructure improvements. People are not only thinking about getting jobs but also starting their own businesses here.


GTE is relatively new to our area – they came about 4 years ago to begin socializing the project. With GTE, we’ve always had a dialogue and have always been able to work out any issues. It’s clear that GTE wants to show us that they have nothing to hide, and we’ve worked together very well with the company on different environmental and social initiatives.

YURI MARCELA TORO VELEZ, Legal Representative
of Campo Alegre Village

GTE is the only company I have worked with that offers contractor development programs like Key Partners. The diploma courses and referral database have increased my capacity as a leader and the company’s potential. They are as important to our development as the value of the contracts that we’ve been awarded.


You often hear the oil companies are here to ruin your land, and at first we didn’t want to get to know GTE. However, when we got closer I realized they weren’t like the other companies. From working with us on protecting cultural artifacts, supporting us in our ceremonies and cultural events, it was nice that somebody finally came here to do something for us. For that we are grateful.

NANCY LORENA MADROÑERO YAIGUAJE, Governor, Cabildo Nuevo Amancer de Puerto Asís

Gran Tierra has been very supportive and collaborative with our municipality regarding infrastructure, transportation, and technology. The training, support and workshops for the teachers and students that were part of PetrolCopa were very positive.

Universidad de Magdalena & Secretary of Education, San Martín

As a counselor, I appreciate the vision that Gran Tierra has, because they place the relationship with communities, including Indigenous communities, at a very high priority and they operate very publicly, openly and transparently. Gran Tierra socializes projects, tries to reach agreements on social and environmental responsibilities, reports to and collaborates with the appropriate government institutions and then begins to operate. This is the process other companies should apply.

JONNY PORTILLA, Counselor, Orito

When I heard about the program, I joined thinking I would just do one course. But then I saw the opportunity to strengthen my business and go further in life, so I continued with the program and ended up taking 13 classes. It’s been a pleasure getting to know these marvellous people from Consolidad and Gran Tierra who have supported my efforts to succeed in life.

JUANITA MEZA, Founder, DELISAM, San Martín

Gran Tierra has given us the opportunity to grow. They have trained us, and we have grown personally and from a business standpoint too. This is true not only for us but other small and growing companies in the area.


GTE is very much focused on empowering us in our territory. Being an entrepreneur has changed my life – it’s hard work and a lot of responsibility. But it is empowering. As we grow our companies, we are generating opportunities and helping improve lives. GTE has been doing a very good job based on the work they have done with the community. I’m very grateful for the opportunity to strengthen ourselves that they have created.

BLANCO RAMIREZ, Principal, Zoe Solutions SAS

I would have never worked to become president of the JAC if not for the [Gran Tierra] diploma course in leadership. It showed me how to speak in front of an audience and how to be less shy.

YVETTE CAROLINA AGUAS, President of La Banca
Community Association (JAC)