Page 12 - 2020 Sustainability Report - Gran Tierra Energy
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 Online Permit to Work System
A new online Permit to Work System implemented in 2020 was the latest innovation to help the company
and its contractors manage safety protocols. The System ensures work is conducted efficiently and, most importantly, safely, specifying the task to be performed, foreseeable hazards and the safety measures
required to mitigate risks. Checklists ensure that no control mechanism is bypassed or missed ensuring proactive safety measures for front line workers.
GTE’s online system improves tracking and transparency of contractor safety performance, establishing a unified information set across all companies and contractors.
 Misión Vida Program: Constantly Innovating
Despite having recorded zero LTIs,
and GTE’s baseline having improved
to industry-leading levels, the battle to keep workers safe is never over. The Misión Vida program helps GTE identify high impact areas and design tools and programs to improve them, all while changing hearts and minds about safety.
Emergency Response Training
includes weekly training, drills and refresher courses for first responders.
The Hand Injury Prevention Program (HIP) has reduced hand injuries by 80% compared to 2019. During 2020, GTE had one recordable hand injury that required medical treatment over 7-million-person work hours. HIP uses virtual reality training and an analysis of first-person video footage of real-life work activities to improve hand safety procedures and reduce the possibility of accidents.
Golden Rules is a safety-based virtual reality video game created by GTE to simulate potentially hazardous situations. All field operations workers are required to complete the training modules as part of their safety induction.
Safe Driving Program mandates that everyone driving for the company attend multiple courses covering defensive and preventative driving techniques for every foreseeable road situation.
The “Getting Performance Standard” (GPS) Room dedicates a central surveillance team to remotely monitor all operations with potential safety risks. When operators identify potential hazards, they can immediately call their on-site colleagues to inform them and discuss the situation.

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