Page 11 - 2020 Sustainability Report - Gran Tierra Energy
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 The company’s LTI frequency of 0.00 was well below both the most recent industry averages of 0.42 for Latin America and 0.30 for North American exploration
and production companies, as reported by the International Association of
Oil and Gas Producers, and was in the top percentile in any region globally. Several factors contributed to GTE’s record setting safety performance.
Culture: Placing a high value on safety comes from the very top of the company, is integrated into all company functions and effectively communicated to all employees.
Continuity & Improvement: Misión Vida, GTE’s overarching Health and Safety plan, standardizes safety protocols across the organization and outlines a comprehensive system of training, risk management,
emergency response, event reporting and investigation. This framework has been in place for four years providing a consistent pathway towards safety improvement and performance. In 2020, the company also conducted a thorough review of all
of its Standard Operating Procedures.
Education & Accountability: The company’s safety culture is expanded
to GTE’s contractors and vendors which receive support to set expectations
and help them meet safety objectives. Monthly contractor safety meetings provide a forum to discuss safety issues, share best practices and recognize outstanding safety performance among peers to foster a culture of pride and accountability with vendors.

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