Page 9 - 2020 Sustainability Report - Gran Tierra Energy
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 Adding to Local Testing Capacity
Widespread testing is significant in controlling the spread of COVID-19. GTE conducted 12,607 COVID-19 tests in 2020, adding to
the testing regimes conducted by public health facilities in nearby communities.
  Meeting a Unique Health Challenge
The crude oil industry requires a significant workforce, much of which must be onsite at production and transportation facilities. GTE implemented four primary coordinated health controls for all employees and contractors to mitigate COVID-19 health and safety risks:
1 Risk controls such as expanding rapid testing capacity and strict hygiene protocols for people, infrastructure and equipment.
2 Quarantines in dedicated hotels and camps for field staff before entering operations areas.
3 Medical controls including a system for workers to immediately report potential
symptoms, daily temperature and medical checks, and onsite doctors and lab analysts.
4 Social support for public health efforts within local communities, including sharing information with local authorities, and donations of food, water and medical supplies, all of which had become scarce from strained supply chains.
The results are clear: GTE effectively controlled COVID-19 despite moving thousands of workers across its operations. This enabled uninterrupted production for GTE and its crude shipments without impacting community health. GTE
shared its approach in detail with other operators and health authorities.
     HeALTH & SAfeTy

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