Page 18 - 2020 Sustainability Report - Gran Tierra Energy
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 Helping Communities Develop Their Projects
Through its alliance with the Colombian Territory Renewal Agency (ART), GTE has also helped Mayors’ offices and other local authorities to put together project proposals – a major step to support municipalities’ access to government funding available from royalties paid from companies like Gran Tierra. Nine out of 15 projects already have been structured and presented to the government for funding.
 Tax Revenues Directly Developing Local Territories
Works for Taxes (WFT) is a program created by the Colombian government
that allows GTE to use up to 50% of its income tax contributions to directly develop and implement local projects that improve livelihoods, support economic development and help stabilize territories most affected by poverty and the previous armed conflict. WFT is also an important component of Colombia’s Territorially Focused Development Programs (PDETs) following the 2016 peace agreement signed between the FARC-EP guerrilla movement and the Colombian government. The PDETs are a vital tool for rural development and lasting territorial peace that empowers local communities to decide how funds should be invested in their territories.
Through WFT, Gran Tierra Energy
is developing four projects targeting improvements of road infrastructure, education and housing in the Putumayo municipalities which experience high rates of poverty and food insecurity. Total investment for the first four projects will be over COP $10 billion. In 2020, GTE completed construction on sanitary units for families in Villagarzón, installing toilets, showers, sinks and laundry areas.
Planned projects include the provision of cafeteria supplies for educational centres in the municipalities of Orito and Puerto Caicedo and upgrading roads between the towns of Puerto Vega and Campo Alegre near Puerto Asís.
Isabel Caicedo and her family are beneficiaries of the Works for Taxes Program that was implemented for families living in Villagarzón. They received a sanitary unit that included a shower, toilet, sink and washing station.

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