Page 19 - 2020 Sustainability Report - Gran Tierra Energy
P. 19

 “Works for Taxes is an effective mechanism for transforming oil revenues into local development opportunities for communities, and it aligns perfectly with our municipal development plan.
It’s only through this program that local communities receive national revenues to address local priorities, build a sustainable economy and a better country by strengthening the regions. As the major business in our area, GTE is a strategic ally in this effort.”
Jose Andres López Muños,
Mayor of Villagarzón
  Invested over USD $11.5M since 2018 to PDeTs in Colombia
Projects developed within the PDET Pillars include:
• Infrastructure and Land Use
• RuralHealth
• RuralEducation
• Housing, Drinking Water and Basic Rural Sanitation
• EconomicReactivationandAgriculturalProduction
• Reconciliation,CoexistenceandPeacebuilding

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