Page 21 - 2020 Sustainability Report - Gran Tierra Energy
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“We tend to be the major operator in the areas where we work and therefore do not have an existing labour force to rely on. In order to increase local capacity, we’ve spent years implementing training programs and apprenticeships, while working closely with the social, labour and supply chain teams. Through this important work we have been able to strengthen
the available and qualified workforce over time.”
Christian Gomez, Manager, Major Capital Projects
GTE Te Enseña:
Upskilling Employees
An integral part of GTE’s culture is centred around coaching and mentoring employees to help them grow within their roles so that they can advance in the company. GTE Te Enseña (Learn with Gran Tierra) evolved out of independent training sessions
across several departments and increased the transfer of internal knowledge throughout the company to help other employees further develop their skills.
Virtual training sessions were led by employees and allowed dozens of people from around the company to attend
the lessons simultaneously during the pandemic. In addition to promoting individual growth, the program
fostered interdepartmental connections between employees, many of whom were working remotely. In 2021, planned courses will include more technical training and soft skills coaching.
In total, 837 participants engaged in nearly 3,000 hours of training in Colombia, Ecuador and Canada.
   “Gran Tierra has created many opportunities and changed many lives here in La Banca. Schools, parks and houses have all improved, and there are more people going to college now.”
Carolina Aguas, Social Leader and Security Guard, GTE, Middle Magdalena Valley
Certifications for Aspiring electricians
In its effort to strengthen the workforce in San Martín, GTE began an electrician certification program with Colombian training institute SENA. The training builds technical skills to increase access to job opportunities in oil and gas and other industries. Without enough locally certified workers, many skilled positions,
such as commercial-grade electricians, would have previously been filled with workers from other areas in the country. At the end of 2020, 20 students were training to become electricians through
this program, which is offered free of charge.

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