Page 23 - 2020 Sustainability Report - Gran Tierra Energy
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Sadith Armenta Rodriguez
Sadith Armenta Rodriguez is a Junior Human Resources Professional working with the 25-person team
running the company’s workover rig in the Middle Magdalena Valley. Formerly the mayor of the nearby town of San Martin, Sadith also previously participated in GTE’s Women’s Empowerment program.
“I had two dreams in my life: one was to become a public official and the second was to work for Gran Tierra. In San Martín, people believe that working with GTE can really improve their quality of life.
A mix of formal training programs and informal mentorship at this company has helped me grow personally and professionally, gain confidence and expand my responsibilities over time.
The company’s training programs have also had a big impact in the community, helping local people access jobs and grow with the company. It’s very common for companies to not accept people without experience in the industry, but GTE will hire and train people, and this approach is very much appreciated within the community.
Years ago, before I was with GTE, we would see all the women with their uniforms working in the field at GTE. It had a strong impact and we wanted to do the same thing. The industry is now changing its culture with respect to women, but the changes are even more evident within this company, which actively looks to provide labour and development opportunities for women.
Seeing women in critical positions is motivational and I feel proud to work at a company that gives us important responsibilities. My experience
here has exceeded expectations, and sometimes
it really does feel like I am living a dream.”
 Photos were captured prior to the COVID-19 pandemic and do not include personal protective equipment associated with GTE’s health and safety protocols.

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