Page 24 - 2020 Sustainability Report - Gran Tierra Energy
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Supply Chain Development
In addition to jobs and employee development, providing opportunities for local businesses to participate
and grow with GTE’s operations is
a fundamental company value.
GTE continued to inject liquidity into the Colombian economy by investing in goods and services provided by contractors, many of which are based in the regions and communities where the company operates. These communities benefit from a multiplier factor as the investments circulate beyond GTE’s direct supply chain and through all sectors of their economies.
 “As citizens of Putumayo we’re grateful and proud to have a company like
GTE in our territory. Last year was difficult for us but GTE has built a relationship of trust and transparency and its people have always been there for us. Other businesses know they can automatically trust a company that contracts with GTE, which is very important for growth in the region.”
Flavio Sandoval, Legal Representative
and Founder, VillaExpress, a ground transportation company based in Villagarzón
  Purchasing of Local Goods and Services
Local Companies Hired
Cauca 2
Putumayo 68
Middle 29 Magdalena Valley
Yopal 1 TOTAL 100
Purchases of Local Goods & Services (COP)
Middle Magdalena Valley
$484 million
$49 billion
$82 billion
$252 million
$132 billion

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