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 environmental Stewardship
GTE brings a total-life-cycle perspective to its operations, with the goal of leaving a legacy of environmental protection. By strategically aligning its regulatory commitments and voluntary initiatives with the Colombian government’s environmental protection
and climate adaptation strategy, GTE more effectively mitigates its environmental impacts and maximizes its contribution to protecting the country’s air, land and water. GTE’s voluntary environmental efforts are often linked with economic development because sustainably protecting sensitive natural resources must also be in the interest of local inhabitants and communities.
In 2020, GTE:
Surpassed 838,740 trees planted and 1,624 hectares of land conserved, preserved or reforested through its environmental projects
Collected more than 400 samples of ground and surface water,
all of which tested negative for the presence of hydrocarbons
Produced nearly 1 million seedlings of shade and productive trees
Exceeded 1.3 billion standard cubic feet (scf) of gas used for power instead of being flared
                                  2020 Costayaco forestry Centre
  “We were originally planning to work with 5 municipalities, but after receiving requests to participate from 200 municipalities, we increased our efforts. While we couldn’t accommodate everyone, this revealed
an important change in mentality and
opens up possibilities to build even more connective corridors throughout the region.”
Fabio Arjona, Vice President, Conservation International, Colombian Program
    In 2010, GTE incorporated a forestry centre which, under its stewardship, has grown into a substantial forest and habitat near the company’s Costayaco facilities. The centre is currently being integrated into the NaturAmazonas network,
but will continue to be managed by GTE.
2020 accomplishments:
• Expanded 47% to a total area of 314.5 hectares of forest
• Numberofseedlingsproduced:22,585
• Number of species of trees: 71
• Numberofspeciesofwildlifedocumented:
11, including large felines and rare species

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