Page 25 - 2020 Sustainability Report - Gran Tierra Energy
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Key Partners:
Supporting Local Vendors During COVID-19
In 2020, GTE continued building its Key Partners program to further strengthen and diversify its local suppliers. The program has led to significant growth in the capabilities and competitiveness
of its vendors and is comprised of five strategic areas: educational development/skills training, relationship building, supply chain connections, operational excellence and economic growth.
GTE is using its Key Partners program as a tool to support local companies during the COVID-19 crisis by:
ā Continuing to provide business education
during the crisis through virtual development courses offered to local companies in Putumayo and the Middle Magdalena Valley. Topics are specifically tailored to the current situation suppliers are facing, and include finance, taxes and management. Gran Tierra also offered an educational development program on commercial and project management in partnership with the Bogotá Chamber of Commerce. Representatives
of 69 local suppliers participated.
ā Providing information about reducing COVID-19 risks through virtual training sessions.
ā Mitigating supply chain risks and streamlining the procurement process by creating a database of over 1,100 local companies that
can bid on contracts. The company requires national contractors to give preference to
local suppliers. Vendors can go through a prequalification process which confirms eligibility and helps them increase their skills.
ā Helping local vendors recover close to USD $800,000 in overdue bills from their principal clients.
In Puerto Limón, a remote community in Putumayo, 70 contracts were
signed with local small businesses in 2020, worth a total of USD $1,794,982

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