Page 29 - 2020 Sustainability Report - Gran Tierra Energy
P. 29

At GTE’s Costayaco Forestry Centre trees and wildlife species flourishing in the region have attracted large felines that have been routinely captured on hidden cameras installed to identify and track them to keep them safe and protected.
  Wild feline Conservation in Putumayo
Deforestation has shrunk habitats for wild cats in southern Colombia leading to cycles of predatory behaviour, destruction of livestock and retaliatory hunting, negatively impacting the environment and the economy. GTE’s efforts to counteract the wide-scale deforestation of Colombian Amazonia are also aimed at protecting and increasing the habitat areas of these beautiful animals. The company is implementing a two-year project which will begin to address this issue by:
• Assessing the current state of wild felines in Putumayo
• Designing and implementing strategies to manage feline activity in the area
• Identifying which regions will be most effective for feline conservation

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