Page 30 - 2020 Sustainability Report - Gran Tierra Energy
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 “We are looking for every available opportunity to harness the gas found in our fields to reduce our environmental impact, reduce GHG emissions, increase energy efficiency and save money.”
Steve Smithinsky, Vice President of Production Operations
Energy Efficiency Program Targets Emissions Reductions
A major priority for the company has been to reduce the flaring of excess gas produced from its wells by converting it to power operations instead.
One of the challenges with GTE’s more remote fields is the lack of access to municipal power sources, meaning diesel must be used instead to power operations. However, the majority
of the projects initiated by GTE have available gas from its own operations.
GTE has successfully converted major production facilities at Costayaco and Acordionero to run on gas produced in its fields, and the company made significant strides in 2020 to expand the effort to additional fields such as Cohembi, Los Angeles, Mono Araña and Vonu.
  +134 million kWh
generated to power its operations in 2020
1.3 billion scf
of gas has now been used for power instead of being flared
85% decrease
in diesel fuel consumption thanks to the gas-to-power project at Acordionero

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