Page 33 - 2020 Sustainability Report - Gran Tierra Energy
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Cacao Program Supports Peace and Economic Development
GTE has developed multiple programs
that support the Colombian government’s strategy for sustainable territorial peace by focusing on local and regional development of the cacao sector. These programs build the capacity of farmers to cultivate economically viable alternatives to illicit crops.
AgroEmprende, a partnership between GTE, Ecopetrol and the government of Canada, is implemented by the Canadian NGO SOCODEVI, and focused on teaching agricultural environmental practices and strengthening the cacao value chain.
The program continued in 2020 towards its goal of engaging four hundred families growing cacao in Putumayo in the municipalities of Mocoa, Villagarzón, Puerto Guzmán, Puerto Caicedo and Puerto Asís. Nearly 13,000 kilograms of cacao were produced and sold during
the year. By the end of 2020, the second year of the program’s six-year slated term, 286 families had participated, creating approximately 2,000 contracted and family jobs. GTE’s contribution to
this program is over COP $5 billion.
AgroEmprende also establishes and strengthens local farmer associations that can collectively sell their cacao to buyers at a higher and more stable price.
In December 2020, beneficiary Marcolino Caicedo, earned second place in the first “Gold Cacao Competition” held in Putumayo. The competition selects the highest quality cacao in the department in order to promote Colombian cacao in international markets.

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