Page 35 - 2020 Sustainability Report - Gran Tierra Energy
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 Maintaining Channels for Constructive engagement
Trust, transparency and respect are important pillars of the company’s approach to social engagement. GTE maintains multiple channels to implement its Grievance Management System to manage petitions, questions, complaints or claims (commonly known as PQRs). Increased numbers of PQRs are considered a positive indicator of open engagement. However, in 2020 the number
of PQRs decreased because of the temporary closure of the company’s community-based Te Escucha offices due to COVID-19. GTE plans to re-open the offices as soon as public health allows.
Channels for receiving PQRs
Office: 243 Email: 557
Designated Employees: 107
Mailbox: 0 TOTAL 907
PQR topics
Labour practices: 204 Environmental: 52
goods & services: 183
Land access: 20 Other causes: 448 Human Rights: 0
      Community Mentorship Program
GTE partnered with the Society of Petroleum Engineers of Colombia (SPE) to conduct a community mentorship program to develop leadership and soft skills for
18 students and social leaders between October and December. The all-virtual program paired the mentees, 83% of
whom were women, one-on-one with GTE employee mentors based on shared interests and experience. The mentees learned skills based on an existing curriculum which allowed them to strengthen their leadership abilities, gain a deeper understanding of industry practices, grow confidence and work through specific issues they faced
in work and life. Many of the mentee- mentor relationships continued after the 3-month program concluded, and the program will be offered again in 2021.
“The mentorship program allowed us to connect and exchange knowledge with local, young professionals. It was a great way for us to learn from the community and better understand their needs.”
Manuel Buitrago, President and Country Manager, Colombia

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