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 A Holistic Approach to Human Rights
Respect for fundamental rights is an essential pillar of GTE’s vision and mission. GTE advances its Human Rights related objectives by:
1 Integrating Human Rights into its business culture using regular training, surveys and other tools to communicate corporate policy to its employees, contractors and local vendors. The company has partnered with another major Colombian operator, Ecopetrol, to address Human Rights issues in the areas where the companies operate. In 2020, 295 employees took part in Human Rights workshops.
2 Conducting due diligence to understand the Human Rights factors that are material to the company. GTE has put in place the highest quality non-technical risk identification process, by renowned experts Shift, as well as an implementation plan for its recommendations.
3 Establishing measures to prevent or remedy potential issues. GTE has identified solutions, such as establishing grievance management mechanisms, that can effectively address potential risks.
4 Engaging in stakeholder relations with Colombian and Canadian government authorities, the international Human Rights community
and industry associations. GTE was one of five companies invited by Colombia’s special Human Rights advisor to participate in the United Nations Human Rights and Business Forum in Geneva.
  Human Rights
Gran Tierra Energy is committed to respecting the rights of employees, contractors, suppliers and the communities near its operations. Gran Tierra´s Corporate Policy on Business and Human Rights and Code of Business Conduct and Ethics are
in accordance with the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, United Nations Voluntary Principles on Security and Human
Rights, International Convention of the Labour Organization Declaration on fundamental principles and rights at work, and International Human Rights Law.
Gran Tierra does not tolerate any action against or intimidation of people who exercise their fundamental and legal rights. The company’s Human Rights commitments are reinforced through regular training and integrated into its practices and policies, including a Code of Business Conduct and Ethics for all employees and contractors.
In 2020, GTE:
Provided Human Rights workshops for nearly 300 employees
Continued work with Human Rights leader Shift to understand and analyze Human Rights risks
Created economic opportunities for ex-combatants in support of Colombia’s ongoing peace process
Removed, to date, 285 anti- personnel explosive devices and certified 7,752 hectares as clear from dangerous legacy artifacts remaining from decades of conflict

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