Emissions Reduction: Nature-Based Solutions

Nature-based solutions are an important pillar of Gran Tierra’s emissions reductions efforts, and the company supports environmental projects that aid in natural carbon sequestration. Natural carbon sequestration is the process of capturing and storing atmospheric CO2, as forests, wetlands and vegetation sequester carbon by capturing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and converting it into organic matter.

Costayaco Forestry Centre: A Unique Resource for Reforestation

The Costayaco Forestry Centre (CFC), established by Gran Tierra Energy in coordination with the regional environmental regulator, and Corpoamazonia is one of the most innovative reforestation efforts in South America. The CFC contains 335 hectares of new and maturing forested areas, and is close to achieving its long-term goal of connecting a critical ecological corridor linking the Andean foothills with the Amazon Rainforest. These two ecosystems are some of the most biodiverse in the world.

In total GTE has planted 1.64 million trees and has conserved, preserved, or reforested 4,514 hectares of land through all of the Company’s environmental efforts since 2018. Careful management ensures that the once-delicate saplings grow into sturdy, mature trees that contribute to the national emissions reduction strategy goals.

Through the CFC, Gran Tierra has planted over 200,000 trees across the Putumayo and Cauca Departments, and over 72,000 trees have been donated to local communities and educational centres. The Centre also works to increase environmental awareness by providing educational opportunities for communities to learn about the importance of protecting the forests and environment.

To learn more about the Costayaco Forestry Centre, click here.

Reforestation Project with Conservation International

Gran Tierra prioritizes the protection and conservation of the environment and works with organizations that share similar values. Gran Tierra, in partnership with respected International NGO Conservation International, has contributed USD $18 million over eight years to a major reforestation and conservation project. In 2023, Gran Tierra extended its support another four years, to this project that has already yielded great results for the region.

Given that nature-based approaches including conservation and restoration of tropical forests can provide 30% of the solution to climate change, Gran Tierra believes that projects and partnerships such as this are contributing positively. It is expected that the actions developed by NaturAmazonas will contribute to reducing the rate of deforestation in the Amazonian foothills by at least 20%.

Furthermore, the overall objective of the NaturAmazonas project is to create the conditions required to protect and conserve Colombia’s Amazon region by planting millions of trees and conserving land to restore important forested areas previously affected by deforestation. The project also helps residents live and work in harmony with the forest, all while fostering partnerships with important regional and national institutions needed to implement long-term change at scale.

To read more about the NaturAmazonas project, click here.

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