Pipeline Network

Gran Tierra Energy uses a network of pipelines to transport crude oil produced at GTE fields located in the departments of Caqueta and Putumayo. The pipeline network is a safe, and efficient method for the transportation of hydrocarbons from the fields to the refineries.

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Pipeline Transportation

Pipeline Uchupayaco – Santana (OUS) 

The Uchupayaco Santana (OUS) pipeline starts in the Uchupayaco receipt trap and ends at Santana Station, with a total length of 41.96km. It passes through Villagarzón, Puerto Caicedo and Puerto Asís in Putumayo.

Uchupayaco-Santana (OUS)

Diameter (Inch): 8 5/8
Length: 41.96km
Initial point: Uchupayaco Trap
Final point: Santana Station
Transportation Capacity: 27,600 BPOD

Pipeline Costayaco – Uchupayaco (OCU) 

The Costayaco – Uchupayaco (OCU) pipeline begins at the Costayaco Station and ends at the Uchupayaco trap, passing through Villagarzón in the Department of Putumayo.

Costayaco-Uchupayaco (OCU)

Diameter (Inch): 8 5/8
Length: 8.93km
Initial point: CPF Costayaco
Final point: Uchupayaco Trap
Transportation Capacity: 27,600 BPOD

Pipeline Mary – Uchupayaco (OMU) 

The Mary – Uchupayaco (OMU) Pipeline starts at Mary Station and ends in the Uchupayaco Receipt Trap, with a total length of 33.43km, passing through the Piamonte in Cauca and Puerto Guzmán, Mocoa and Villagarzón in the Department of Putumayo. This pipeline has three sections that are outlined in the pipeline details. 

Section 1 Mary-Linda (OML)

Diameter (Inch): 6 5/8
Length: 11.14km
Initial point: CPF Mary
Final point: Linda Station
Design Capacity: 13,800 BPOD

Section 2 Linda-Toroyaco (OLT)

Diameter (Inch): 6 5/8
Length: 7.30km
Initial point: Linda Station
Final point: CPF Toroyaco
Design Capacity: 11,960 BPOD

Section 3 Toroyaco-Uchupayaco (OUT)

Diameter (Inch): 6 5/8
Length: 15km
Initial point: CPF Toroyaco
Final point: Uchupayaco Trap
Design Capacity: 19,550 BPOD

Current and Historical Fees

The following transport fees are fixed by the Colombian Ministry of Mines and Energy in accordance with Resolution 31168 of June 28, 2019, Auto 31006 of August 21, 2019 and Resolution 00142 of June 30, 2021. The current fees apply from July 1, 2022 to June 30, 2023. Click here to review Resolution 31168 and Auto 31006 and Resolution 00142.

Current Fees
Transport System $ USD / Bbl
Mary Pipeline – Uchupayaco (OMU)
Section 1: Mary – Linda (OML) 2.2435
Section 2: Linda – Toroyaco (OLT) 0.9351
Section 3: Toroyaco – Uchupayaco (OTU) 0.8319
Costayaco Pipeline – Uchupayaco
Single Section: Costayaco – Uchupayaco (OCU) 0.6254
Uchupayaco Pipeline – Santana
Single Section: Uchupayaco – Santana (OUS) 0.2599
Historical Fees
Transport System $ USD / Bbl
Mary Pipeline-Uchupayaco (OMU) Year-1
July 2021-June 2022
July 2020-June 2021
July 2019-June 2020
July 2018-June 2019
Section 1: Mary- Linda (OML) 2.0703 2.0001 1.9868 1.162
Section 2: Linda- Toroyaco (OLT) 0.8859 0.8711 0.9127 0.783
Section 3: Toroyaco- Uchupayaco (OTU) 0.7706 0.7464 0.7472 1.431
Costayaco Pipeline – Uchupayaco
Single Section: Costayaco- Uchupayaco (OCU) 0.5832 0.9771 0.9794 1.916
Uchupayaco Pipeline – Santana
Single Section: Uchupayaco – Santana (OUS) 0.2488 0.2465 0.2645 1.07

Effective Capacity

Effective Capacity is the average maximum transport capacity that can be effectively available for the transport of crude oil in a given period. It is calculated as the product of the design capacity by the service factor.

Mary Pipeline UchupayacobopdOML12,420
Costayaco Pipeline UchupayacobopdOCU24,840
Uchupayaco Pipeline SantanabopdOUS24,840

Natural Gas Regulatory Compliance

Gran Tierra Energy complies with the regulatory frameworks for natural gas production in the regions where we operate. The following regulatory compliance documents outline Gran Tierra’s practices, policies, and procedures aimed at ensuring compliance to both local and international regulations.

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