Gran Tierra Te Escucha: An Open Door for the Community

As part of its efforts to maintain a strong, positive relationship with local communities, Gran Tierra has local offices that are part of a program called “Gran Tierra Te Escucha” (Gran Tierra Listens). The role of each office is to create a physical, easily accessible channel for community members to engage in two-way communications with the Company.

Community members are encouraged to visit the offices in an effort to uncover potential concerns, which are referred to as Petitions, Complaints and Grievances (PQR’s). This important feedback from community partners can highlight opportunities for improvement or specific issues that the company must respond to. Some of the most frequent questions include: Can GTE include more communities in its work participation programs? Can it provide more jobs?

Gran Tierra Energy can measure the effectiveness of its grievance management process through the number of PQRs, the higher the numbers of petitions, questions, complaints, or claims (PQRs) indicate that communities feel comfortable engaging with the company.

Gran Tierra Te Escucha has been an important avenue for communities to communicate with the Company in Ecuador as well. Even though a physical office has not yet opened, Gran Tierra Te Escucha channels received approximately 147 PQRs during 2022.

“This space is so important for building trust and providing accurate information, whether we are meeting face-to-face with people to address their concerns or carrying out our social program work.”
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