A Framework for Safe Operations

Mision Vida“, GTE’s proprietary system for safe operations, is a guide to safe work practices. Its foundation is based on a framework for changing attitudes about safety by recognizing the impact that one’s current mental and emotional condition can have on their perception and decision-making. This understanding then leads to increased safety-consciousness on the job. Through Mision Vida, GTE developed a job specific HSE training plan, based on analyses of company and industry risks.

It includes:

  • Basic training for all employees, regardless of their position.
  • Additional training modules for workers involved in high-risk tasks.
  • Job-specific training modules that reflect the particular role being fulfilled.
  • Emergency response training for personnel designated as emergency responders.

A number of learning tools were developed for Mision Vida. One of these tools, the Hand Injury Prevention, or HIP, involves a series of videos, captured by GTE workers themselves, which allows the workers to get a first-person view of the various tasks and to understand safe and unsafe techniques. The video with real data is shared through an application that presents the correct procedures to trainees. The application documents a score of each trainee that is shared with the HSE team. The results determined from the HIP program suggest that using real data allows for better training, which in turn establishes more knowledge and awareness about hand safety in the workplace. The Hand Injury Prevention Program (HIP) has has helped reduced hand injuries by 80%, achieving one year of operations without any hand injuries.

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