An Alliance with ANDI

ANDI (the National Business Association of Colombia), Gran Tierra, the National Natural Parks of Colombia and the Humboldt Biological Research Institute, have partnered together in an alliance that is focused on ecosystem protection, restoration and connectivity, sustainable development of biodiversity and promoting sustainable development in the region.

The alliance’s accomplishments thus far include:

  • National Parks of Colombia and Gran Tierra completed agreements to conserve hundreds of hectares, establish seedling nurseries, monitor biodiversity, and promote agroforestry practices.
  • Implemented a biological wastewater treatment system as an alternative to septic tanks.
  • Hosted a birdwatching festival near the Orito Ingi Ande Flora and Medicinal Plants Sanctuary.
  • Completed an ecotourism course to exchange relevant knowledge, tools, and experiences.
  • Continued an ongoing study on the Caquetá River’s aquatic ecosystem.
  • GTE’s Costayaco Forestry Centre has supported the ecosystem connectivity strategy by restoring and protecting 335 hectares.
  • Ongoing coordination of environmental investments.
“The Biodiversity and Development Agreement for Putumayo, which brings together five entities of the National Environmental System, ANDI and energy companies such as Gran Tierra Energy, celebrates 10 years of work in Putumayo. This alliance has been a platform for public-private work, the generation of trust and the union of collective efforts for Andean-Amazonian connectivity. This agreement, led by Gran Tierra Energy, has allowed the cleanup of the Orito Ingi Ande Medicinal Plant Sanctuary, the management of new knowledge of the region’s biological diversity, the generation of strategies and high standards of monitoring and sectoral planning around biodiversity.”

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