Gran Tierra in My Community

GTE regularly hosts a variety of community-based activities to strengthen ties with communities, leaders, and institutions in the areas where Gran Tierra operates. The events cover a wide variety of topics, including operational, educational and cultural.

One of the most effective engagement programs in Colombia is “GTE en Mi Comunidad” (GTE in My Community), in which more than 15,000 people from four departments: Putumayo, Cauca, Santander, and Cesar, participated in 2022. Dozens of cultural and community-building events are hosted for people of all ages through the program throughout the year. The program strengthens community ties, by promoting spaces for recreation, community service and cultural exchanges in the areas near Gran Tierra’s operations. The Company works hard to align these efforts with the priorities of local communities and their representatives.

GTE supports community-led activities such as environmental training, traditional games, theatre and music in communities across Putumayo, Cauca, Cesar and Santander departments. These events, are also part of Colombia’s national “Brujula” program which instills principles of personal, family, and social coexistence. Out of more than three hundred participating municipalities, the program in Rio Negro which is focused on victims of violence and has for years been supported by GTE, was recognized as one of the top 20 in Colombia by Colombian NGO Corporacion Juego y Ninez (Game and Childhood Corporation), for the past two years.

“GTE has always been a good neighbour, treating our requests seriously and never closing its doors to us. They have gone far beyond what was expected, and if it wasn’t for their support, we wouldn’t be able to carry out these projects. As a result, the quality of life here has improved a lot.”
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