Encouraging and Enabling Local Suppliers

Gran Tierra is committed to ensure that economic benefits flow from our operations to local businesses and communities. GTE’s Fair Bidding Process and other procurement procedures are designed to maximize opportunities for local and regional communities.

GTE’s commitment to local businesses:

  • Execute all contracting processes based on both national laws and international standards.
  • Share the same information with all potential bidders, including strong tender documents and clear and fair rules about the proposal process.
  • Inform each vendor about the results of the bidding process, and bidders can request additional information to help them understand what they need to do to improve their chances in the future.

To learn more about our partnerships with local suppliers and vendors click here.

“Since my family started our business in 1995 as a simple transportation company, we’ve grown into other sectors, including oil transportation. Gran Tierra’s clear communications, guidance and training has helped us easily integrate with the Company, and their support has helped us improve our own processes.”
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