Familiarization Trips

GTE has several programs that let people see first-hand what the Company does to minimize the impact of its operations on the environment. One program is called Familiarization Trips (Fam Trips), which involves encouraging stakeholders to visit production sites and observe the Company’s practices, particularly with respect to operations and the environment. This program has proved to be effective in countering myths some people have regarding industry practices, by providing basic information about hydrocarbons, and by providing basic information on how oil operations work. Some visitors come from areas near current operations and some are from areas where GTE is planning to operate.

In 2022, GTE hosted FamTrips in the Middle Magdalena Valley and in Putumayo. Guests in attendance ranged from National and local government officials to local community members, including participants from GTE’s Mentorship program. The FamTrips toured GTE’s Costayaco Field, Costayaco Forestry Centre, and the Suruma Museum, as well as the Acordionero field.

“This FamTrip activity carried out by Gran Tierra allows us to see first-hand the environmental efforts that they implement, such as the Costayaco Forestry Centre. These projects added to other projects such as PetrolCopa make us have greater gratitude and trust towards the Company.”
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