Gran Tierra’s Emprender+ Program

Emprender+, GTE’s signature entrepreneurship-based social investment project, is a critical component of GTE’s efforts to address local economic challenges to lift people out of poverty. For the last several years, the program has created opportunities for people to strengthen their businesses and launch new companies while bolstering local economies in Colombia’s Middle Magdalena Valley and Putumayo regions.

Emprender+ provides technical training, business management guidance, and seed capital along with recognition for innovative business ideas and execution. The program, carried out in partnership with the World Corporation for Women in Colombia (CMMC), also helps entrepreneurs navigate the technical, administrative and management challenges of operating a small business. The popularity of the program has grown steadily and rapidly from 30 to over 300 participating entrepreneurs since its inception, and over 1,500 people registered to participate since the program started in 2021.

Originally designed for 100 participants, the program was tripled to 350 after receiving over 1,500 applications in 2021. Free online training sessions were created for the additional participants who were unable to join the full program.

For more information on Emprender+ visit the program’s website here.

“The Emprender+ and Hilos de la Tierra programs have had a huge impact. They helped me make the jump and leave behind my fears about starting my own business. Now the ideas are just exploding throughout our whole group because recovering our lost works and culture is critically important.”

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