Gran Tierra’s Key Partners Program

GTE’s successful Key Partners program has evolved from a simple award given to the best performing vendors into an integrated, multi-stage program with five components. This program has led to tremendous growth in the capabilities, capacity and competitiveness of vendors in the areas where the company operates.

GTE’s Key Partners program helps supply chain partners develop their technical and administrative capabilities. Key Partners includes educational programs tailored to the needs of local suppliers in partnership with well-respected academic institutions and regional Chambers of Commerce. Key Partners also facilitates relationships between contractors and local suppliers, fostering a growing ecosystem of opportunities for area businesses. Performance evaluations measure, recognize, and reward outstanding vendors.

Components of Key Partners
  • Developing close, beneficial relationships with existing and potential vendors through continuous contact with dedicated company staff. This ensures ongoing dialogue and alignment between vendor and company.
  • Dedicated high-value training offered to managers and owners of vendor companies delivered in partnership with regional Chambers of Commerce.
  • Supply Chain standards that ensure GTE’s contractors are also sourcing from local suppliers.
  • Performance evaluations that measure, recognize and reward outstanding vendors.
  • Facilitating relationships between contractors and local suppliers to foster a growing ecosystem of opportunities for area businesses.
Gran Tierra’s Commitment to our Key Partners
  • Economic Growth
    Gran Tierra Energy promotes free competition as a constitutional right. This encourages local businesses to provide higher quality goods and services not only to our operations, but also to Colombia.
  • Education Development
    Gran Tierra develops educational programs tailored to the needs of our local suppliers. Through these programs we are providing opportunities for educational advancement with well-respected academic institutions.
  • Improved Networking
    We provide our Key Partners with full access to the database for commercial opportunities with Gran Tierra and our contractors.
  • Sustainable Relationships
    Gran Tierra recognizes the importance of sustaining strong relationships with our suppliers and contractors through our Key Partners program. We are always willing to listen and assist our Key Partners.
Members of the Key Partners Program are Expected To:
  • Offer high quality goods and services.
  • Submit competitive proposals, both in price and quality, when invited to bid.
  • Be a collaborative partner with the goal of ensuring that GTE operations are carried out safely and accurately.
  • Respect corporate decisions made by GTE or its contractors.
  • Understand and apply GTE’s human rights and anti-corruption policies in their business practices.
  • Participate in activities developed by GTE aimed at strengthening business skills.
“GTE recognized our capability to take on more responsibilities and gave us the training we needed to grow. After GTE arrived, people moved from illegal crops and armed groups to finding jobs and educating themselves to become businessmen, doctors, and technicians. Before we had wood shacks with thatched roofs, and now we have cement houses, paved roads, community and health centres.”
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