Supporting Colombia’s Reintegration and Reincorporation Efforts

A number of GTE’s efforts are focused on supporting the Colombian government’s reintegration of ex-combatants back into Colombian society. The dynamics of post-conflict situations are complex, but the objective is simple: to support the country’s efforts at achieving lasting peace. Creating economic opportunities is one of the critical issues facing the reintegration of 13,000 ex-combatants back into Colombian society.

Providing these individuals with viable economic opportunities is instrumental in ensuring their successful transition from a life marked by conflict and violence to one characterized by stability and productivity. By facilitating access to employment, training, and entrepreneurship opportunities, GTE contributes to the broader objective of encouraging ex-combatants to become self-sufficient, law-abiding citizens. When individuals are gainfully employed and can support themselves and their families through legitimate means, they are far less likely to revert to the activities that led to their involvement in conflict.

GTE’s successful reintegration and peace process will help strengthen the civil society and the economic underpinnings of the country. GTE has been recognized for its commitment to multiple Human Rights projects supporting Colombia’s reintegration efforts by the Agency for Reincorporation and Normalization (ARN).

GTE’s reintegration contributions are made through the following Human Rights programs:

  • Cacao Nurseries
    This program created by Gran Tierra Energy and Fedecacao provided participants with nurseries and the opportunity to grow and sell cacao with technical support and guidance from experts in the field.
  • Preventing Child Recruitment Program
    This program works to prevent the forced recruitment of girls and boys by using football as a unifying tool for children to learn about conflict resolution, prosocial behaviour development and other important life skills. Ex-combatants, who are reintegrated into society, have an opportunity to share their stories and teach future generations how and why to avoid recruitment. Click here to learn more about the Preventing Child Recruitment program.
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