Strengthening Human Rights Throughout the Supply Chain

GTE expects contractors and suppliers to maintain business practices consistent with its own standards for its employees and operations including respect for Human Rights. While these expectations are embedded into GTE’s corporate policies and practices, the supply chain is an important Human Rights risk factor, especially with the large number of local vendors without policies in place.

Gran Tierra implemented a program that helped 5 companies strengthen their knowledge and capacity to develop their own Human Rights policies to guide their operations and ensure responsible Human Rights practices are followed throughout their supply chain. The program, conducted in partnership with the Colombia University, Instituto Colombiano de Estudios Superiores de Incolda (ICESI), is the first of its kind in Colombia’s hydrocarbon sector.

The program will elevate Human Rights awareness, principles and protections to help partners and suppliers prepare for and respond to any scenario throughout GTE’s value chain. This program also improves and standardizes local business practices by incorporating Human Rights policies into operations across the value chain and will ripple through the industry, down into the communities.

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